Working on a new portfolio site!

Posted in on August 25, 2010 by applepirate is my collaborative project between myself and the woman i love. Between her Film Degree and my 12yrs of self taught experience there is not much we can’t do from the comfort of our home studio and garage workshop!

Its exciting to once again work/live with someone with multiple talents. There is no better feeling then to share the things you love with the person you love. We have already built websites together, painted collaborative oil/acrylic pieces, Built/Reworked furniture together and put groundbreaking concepts on paper of what we have in store for the future!

Keep checking up on for its updates as it is im using it as a live testing server b/c no one really knows about the domain name yet. SO….. if you go there now you will see a mildly functioning Flash based UI. Don’t bother emailing me telling me “there’s nothing there yet!!” i know its a work in progress.

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flash on the iOS!

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Finally its here! Jailbreaking is a pre-req, but in owning any iOS hardware i would consider this a given.

QBN to the rescue!

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never imagined to be so “brought back to life” by QBN’ers at the wee hours of the morning. but alas… there are some good cats that post on this site.

never have i expected such heart felt responses. as simple as they were. they meant the world to me!

-captain apple

“obamacorn under broken glass”

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"obamacorn under broken glass"

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New mixed media piece
from 07/08/09

Laser Print +Krylon+acrylic

all set on top of frame built to be sent**.

Starting with a found image of obama smoking, with an acorn on top where his socialist fidel castro hat should be was more then enough inspirado to get this one going.

**(The framing of the piece is a 1″thick 12x11piece of scrap bubble wrap.)


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new print.

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applepirate2009-04172.jpg, originally uploaded by ApplePirate.

series of 10.

each with different additions made after laser print with PIGMA MICRON 005-05’s


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flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

if you aint got it you aint cool.

-captain apple