why have you forsaken me….

in the world of the internet there a few things that are expected. Like the “digg effect” that is known to kill a server and take down a site that gets to many hits from a front page article. Or the fact that most all of Googles releases will stay in beta for longer then most products released can get by without at least 2-3 solid updated versions.

One thing you dont expect is for your favorite sites to go down in the monday morning hours when your used to having it there. Today is down. I heard a rumor online its because they are switching to and dropping the .us domain. well whatever the case it’s just shocking to not have my bookmarks when i need them. I awoke this morning and as i was reading thru my rss reader i tried to delicous something to a coworker and this is what i get

I really hope this is a belated april fools joke(isnt that the best kind?).

Well ill be here hitting apple+r until this rights itself. there goes my monday…..


One Response to “ why have you forsaken me….”

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