deliberating over the delegation of the default

Browser, of course.

Its tough to decide what browser to use these days. The solid choices are out there in groves. It used to be an easy fight for mozilla or opera to dominate. now there is safari and chrome in the mix.

The choice isnt very clear for me anymore. I am a definite hater of all things microsoft and i think the main reason is Internet Exploder.

The m$ft entrance to the browser war is always years behind and horribly inaccessible to the way i work. Now i have seen multiple sites and petitions campaigning against the usage of IE.

So i know im far from alone on my hatred of IE… but what about my dilemma over delegating a default? Do i have some online brethren in an already formed club for such an affliction? Is there any hope for me to stop downloading trunk builds of browsers hoping for a few more seconds off my default tab set load time.

all need better UI’s so it doesnt really matter i guess.


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