New Horizons for the Flash Platform….talking iHorizons here people!!!!

Check that link out first. Before reading another word….

OK! done? great. If you know anything about the iPhone this is freaking HUGE news. Like epic proportions of radness. Some OMG ROFHSLH or some other bullshit could be said. But i digress.

I was in line for the iPhone on day one. Well not actually in line to buy it b/c i was just cutting away from blockdot with Shane my manager to see the craziness that was the line of Northpark Mall’s Apple Store. The first person in line was none other then “Geek Chic” video blogger ______. The rest of the line was no where near as famous or interesting. Just a bunch of idiots that “had to get there first”. Well i was there… i witnessed the hype. then i went home and opened a newcastle and started watching the live coverage on facebook and whatever “feed of the moment” i had at my disposal from the comfort of my own mac pro at home. Well i had a few reasons not to buy it on day one. A lot of those reasons still stand to why i didnt buy the 3G or 3GS. those reasons are almost all fading away with adobes newest news.

The majority of content on the web that i care about is “Flash Enabled” in its core. Even if flash isnt the major piece of the site or app im stoked about isnt written in AS2/AS3 it’s normally at least using a nice flash UI or a Flash Plug in like Vimeo to display some of its content. I have had flash enabled mobile devices since 2003 when i was working in the “Research & Development” dept. of Verizon’s headquarters in Los Colinas. This seems like a decade ago to me now. I had a shitty Winblows Mobile HTC handset that was neither sleek, fast, solid or even supported by my carrier(sprint). But what it did have was the ability to view a flash piece i cranked out on my mac and onto my server moments after i uploaded it. I could work on a flash idea, upload it… go to a bar and show it off to a friend in the palm of my hand. This was almost seven years ago. Apple computers, the company that i broke my e-hymen with… they are now in the game. Not because of anything that apple has done to support the bloated flash player we have all come to know and love(i kid i kid… we all know FP9-10 has shit the bed for many reasons up until now with 10.1). The news of a handheld apple device supporting a flash piece comes from adobe. Adobe has worked into the FLASHCS5 Beta release info some good news for people that care about ubiquitous development. You can now develop on the FP10 player and output it to an ipa. A native iPhone Application.

For the apple fanboy that i am this is just more proof that SJ knows what the fuck he is talking about and all the haters out there(all my momentary hatred included) is misled and by no means as well informed as we like to think. Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying that the flash player will never run on an iPhone. Well at its current state of efficiency i would think that we iPhone users would appreciate him looking out for our interest. I know from speaking to apple developers that work at 1 infinite loop that the current flash player has been tested on the phone and it’s memory leaks and other major malfunctions have run the battery on the iPhone down quicker then streaming to ustream.

So for me i have been more then happy to make modifications to my iPhone life. I immediately cancelled my At&t and hacked a prepaid sim into the phone as soon as it was possible. I have always been ok with not surfing flash sites on my phone b/c well… its a god damn phone. when i did have a phone that did it i rarely enjoyed the experience and my service provider at the time couldnt give me the bandwidth i needed to make it really worth while anyways.

Now flash compiles apps for the iPhone. Well not RIGHT NOW. Were still living in a CS4 world…. But the beta for CS5 will be out before the end of the year. The opportunities that this opens up are damn near limitless. I cant wait to be able to dev stuff out once and push it to the web and the iPhone app store.

Its gonna be fun.

-captain apple


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