china’s overall dominance in a need for iPhone, PRE and Android apps.

So the specs are in on the internet. And the fastest growing userbase in the tubes is no other then communist china. Amazing to think about the social network budding space of our norcal bust of the past… is now majority usage by mandarin speaking china residents.

so… thats the overall sketch of what the new emerging demographic of web users is surging towards. They’re chinese. Not middle americans who have moved WAY past their dial up modem past of 2004. Our rural and lower class system in america has already bought in signed up and jacked in. Now its our elders turn. The great nation with the great wall. They will be expecting RIA’s, Phones and embedded linux tv’s. All with engaging interfaces and detailed spec list showing why they are better then the 5trillion knockoff soft and hard goods being cranked out of their factories.

For years china and other asian markets seemed fine on producing our tech but not adopting it. That generation of prehistoric’s that were here decades before the techie’s started telling us how we cant live without the new 3Bs model of whatever… well they’re dying off. And the next gen kiddo’s all have phones with wimax, flash interfaces and webstreaming cameras giving them constant “face to face” connections across the globe.

So what about the mobile web in these new emerging markets? well… its stronger and deeper b/c some users never have a desktop. The new user from 10yrs-24yrs old, their first moment with tech could have been a smartphone. not a beige mac, or a green CRT with DOS running like a boss.

These kids. What will they want. How can we push their envelope as the devigners before the envelope is even folded and had its glue applied?

cant wait to find out!whats in the future sky?


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